In order to proof that it might not just be a strange behavior from our feline friends. A curious cat owner did an interesting experiment to see the relationship between his cats and circles.

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After noticing that his cat had, for some bizarre reason, an odd behavior of sitting inside a coil of wire all the time, this Reddit user, nicknamed Admancb, wondered if it was the circle shape why the cat sits there and not because it was just his preferred spot.

[Admancb via reddit]

The cat’s owner conducted an experiment of his own and tested it on his cat. First, he brought some red tape and formed a circle (ish) shape in a different place of his apartment. Then he just waited.

[Admancb via reddit]

With a lot of self confidence, the cat came and sat inside the circle. The feline got in the circle like if it was his all time favored spot.

[Admancb via reddit]

And it wasn’t JUST this man’s cat. After the story got picked up on Reddit, people everywhere were posting about their cats love of circles. After sharing the story on Reddit, other people conducted the same experiment on their own cats and the results were simply AMAZING! It wasn’t JUST Admancb cat who loves circles!!

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It was noticed that the size, shape, or texture has no effect on the love that these cats have for round spaces. The feeling of comfort, enclosure, and security might be the reason why cats prefer closed spaces as some Animal behaviorists hypothesize explained.

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