What about getting in a time machine and having a pep talk with your younger self? what advice would you give him/her ? While this is regarded as fantasy, for some celebrity figures, not so much. Dutch artist Ard Gelinck’s great photoshopping skills can’t be matched to a cancer cure but they might be the next big thing.

He designs seemingly posed pictures of famous people with their younger versions. Icons like Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, and Michelle Obama are photoshopped side by side with their before versions just to show what the aging could do to any of us. We have selected some of the best combo photographs to build this astonishing list.

#1 Matt Leblanc

#2 Tom Hanks

#3 Freddie Mercury

#4 Richard Gere

#5 Harrison Ford

#6 Michelle Obama

#7 Emma Watson

#8 Clint Eastwood

#9 David Bowie

#10 Barack Obama