Here is a painful scenario that is very familiar to all of us.
You are visiting a foreign country or having a drink or a snack in a new bar or pub, when Mother Nature make her call. You quickly rush to the toilet but, wait a second – which toilet is the right one for you?
While toilet signs are mostly common, sometimes they do go weird.
It‘s considered to be bad news if you are really in a rush (it’s far from fun for a lady to be faced with a long row of urinals in use), but, if you have some time, many of these toilet signs are worth taking a moment to appreciate. Because bizarre toilet signs demonstrate a very good sense of humor or even weirdness. We collected these eight gems below to prove it.

1. Ladies, it is safer doing it in the backyard

Weird and wonderful bathroom signs from around the world (Image: imgur)

Whatever the inspiration was behind this, ladies will never want to get into this toilet.